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I can wholeheartedly recommend Jackie’s pilates instruction. 
This is where Jackie’s class is different. Her depth of knowledge and physiotherapy background means she has been able to help me find a way to exercise without pain and further damage to my joints. 
This has kept me exercising pain-free which in turn means I’ve kept exercising. I miss it when I can’t make a class and feel the aches returning. Jackie’s classes have quite simply kept me moving 
Fantastic pain relief and greatly increased mobility. 
Jackie tailored exercises for me, varying at every session, depending on where I was most in need. We started very gently as often the slightest movement caused spasms. Now I go through a whole session without any spasms, with much more challenging exercises, and with greatly reduced pain. 
I can even lie on my back in bed without going into spasm, which may not sound much, but it means I sleep so much better and so start the day positive and full of energy. I'm continuing to improve each month and now feel very hopeful about my future mobility. 
I wish I'd met Jackie years ago and benefited from her expertise but I've met her now and for that I am very grateful. 
I met Jackie over 2 years ago... 
I really look forward to the time I spend with Jackie doing the Pilates. The sessions are fun and the she varies the format so never boring. It is good to have concentrated time to myself and Jackie is a great teacher. 
Debra, Layer de la Haye 
I have been attending Jackie's Pilates class for several years. 
My back will never be cured, but with regular strengthening exercises it no longer goes in to spasm, my posture has improved and I have an increased range of movement. Thank you! 
I would like to say having done Pilates regularly for 38 years, 
since I have been with Jackie I feel stronger and definitely more balanced. She is very good at correcting our poor postures, and making sure we are all focused. I would strongly recommend her for either the fit who want to get stronger or the not so fit who need someone to encourage them with a professional eye. 
Mary B , Colchester 
Jackie is always bright and smiling 
and takes the time to understand what I want to achieve in either Physio appointments for aching middle aged problems or in small group Pilates sessions.  All is calm and Jackie is very patient.  Jackie's manipulation of my arthritic foot successfully eases the discomfort. 
I came to Jackie with recurring lower back problem 
all quiet now and feeling much more balanced and flexible. Thanks Jackie”. 
A very capable Physiotherapist 
who incorporates exercises, stretching and sports massage when required. Helpful with sports injuries and more along with Pilates classes. 
Thanks for all your help. 
Jackie’s instruction has made me more mindful of correct posture and alignment. 
I practice this regularly and it works so well. 
Thank you again, see you next week. 
I have benefited a lot from Jackie’s lovely classes, 
and I notice not only a gradual and significant improvement in myself and my level of fitness, but also with that of my fellow (very nice!) classmates. I am sure I have benefited hugely from Jackie’s teaching and support. 
A very relaxed environment 
Both injuries caused me worry, especially my lower back problem, but Jackie creates such a friendly, reassuring, and professional atmosphere, those worries soon vanished. Sessions didn't feel at all like a chore as I've found with other physios. 
Thanks again for all your help 
Adam Browning 
Jackie Parry 
Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP HCPC 
APPI Pilates Instructor 
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